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Halloween is almost here, and let’s be honest, as college students we don’t have a large budget for our costumes. We barely have time to plan a costume amidst projects and Friday makeup classes. Below we have provided a few easy costume ideas based on your favorite Netflix characters. Each costume requires five or fewer things to gather or buy.

“Stranger Things”

There’s nothing more awkward than no one recognizing who you are dressed as for Halloween. Thankfully, according to Symphony Advanced Media, “Stranger Things” averaged 14.08 million adult viewers during its first season. Probably everyone at your Halloween party will know exactly who you’re dressed as. To make the costume even better, “Stranger Things” is filmed in Atlanta, so you may just run into one of the actors at your Halloween party. One of the most iconic characters from “Stranger Things” is Eleven and her Season One look is still a solid choice.

An Eleven costume only requires you to gather or buy four items: a baby pink, peter pan collar dress, a blonde wig, tube socks, and fake blood to imitate her telepathic nose bleeds. If you want to really go all out, pick up a cheap box of frozen waffles from the grocery store and carry it with you to the party. “Stranger Things” is also a great television show to craft a group costume around. As long as you have someone dressed as Eleven, buy a few eighties themed clothing items, more tube socks, some glasses and maybe a curly wig and together you are the entire “Stranger Things” gang.

“Breaking Bad”

Despite “Breaking Bad” coming to a close in 2013, it is still one of the most popular and binge-worthy shows on Netflix. Dressing up for Halloween like Walter White, the chemistry teacher gone rogue, is still iconic in 2017. There are two Walter White personas that you can choose to dress up like. The first, chemistry teacher Walter White, is an easier costume and definitely cheaper. Buy a bald cap, a button up, some ill-fitting khakis and some aviator rimmed glasses. Oh, and throw in a fake mustache. If you’re wanting to portray the “bad” Walter White, you may have to invest in a yellow hazmat suit as well as the classic bald cap, mustache and aviators.


The easiest costumes to pull off from this hit animated series are Fry and Leela. Grab a purple wig to style in a ponytail, a white tank top and black pants. You could get fancy with makeup to disguise your two eyes as one, but it’s more realistic to buy a Cyclops mask on Amazon. As for Fry, just throw on your jeans, black sneakers, white t-shirt and red jacket. Buy an orange wig, or just use temporary hair dye, and be sure to walk around with Leela. The great thing about “Futurama” is that it makes a great group costume, although, the person dressing up as Zoidberg may have a more difficult time creating their costume.

“Orange is the New Black”

Nominated for six Golden Globes and never weakening in popularity, “Orange is the New Black” is a costume that will bring all the attention to you. Yet, it’s still a fairly simple and inexpensive option with Halloween quickly approaching. An orange jumpsuit is really all you need. Add in a few more key elements depending on your character such as a blonde wig, handcuffs or glasses.

As Halloween grows closer and projects become tougher, gather up your costume supplies quick. These easy and inexpensive costumes will guarantee you stand out at your Halloween party as everyone’s favorite character.