The Connector
The Connector
Illustration by Kire Torres

Technology and internet culture has given every modern individual a platform for their voice to be heard.

Comments sections across all media outlets allow an unprecedented direct connection to artists, producers and other degenerates. Websites like Youtube and Twitter are awash with opinionated chaos that oozes out of every crevice and ends up affecting the trending algorithms.

Additionally, the prominence of personal social media profiles, blogs and review apps facilitate an endless stream of unfiltered opinions all day, everyday. If we could take all of the useless opinions that have ever been shared on the internet and magically transform them into food, we’d still be self-righteous impulsive idiots that don’t know how to shut-up, and we’d probably waste the food.

Seriously, enough with the opinions. I understand that a bunch of you just crawled out of the dank abyss you normally live in and decided you felt strongly about the world around you, but the opinion boat has already sailed. Where were you guys when it was still funny to make fun of George W. Bush? Go back to 9/11 with your ridiculous criticisms and pseudo-intellectual public revelations.

Here’s something to think about: if people wanted your opinion, then they probably would have asked you first. And, if they already have, congratulations, you’re both still stupid and going to die one day.

Opinions used to be interesting and exciting. Now there are so many the quality of the ideas has been watered down. It’s kind of how I imagine the quality of fast food declines as a franchise expands. The original location has all the love and focus so it achieves a level of charm and success. Eventually, as the staff gets larger and larger, it becomes harder to maintain a passionate attitude that facilitates the original charm.

It’s essentially just inflation: the more there is of something, the less value it holds. So, with that knowledge, just chill out and stop giving your opinion all the time. At least get a hold of some good ideas before you start yelling at strangers and loved ones about something you barely understand in the first place.