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Students network with potential employers at SCAD career fair 2018

An annual networking and recruitment event held in Savannah, the 2018 SCAD career fair invited more than 150 companies to meet with students

SCAD hosted the annual career fair in Savannah on Feb. 23. Employers and companies from around the country came to meet students, introduce their company culture and review portfolios. Held at the Savannah International Trade Centre, the career fair offered an opportunity for students to put their best foot forward and network with industry professionals.

“This was my first time at the career fair and I was really happy to see the kind of companies that were there. It really gave me an opportunity to speak with people and get an opinion on my work,” said fourth-year television production student Bhavishya Sharadhi.

Photo courtesy of SCAD

Students from SCAD Atlanta boarded a bus from the Atlanta campus early in the morning accompanied by career advising staff and reached the convention center in time for the career fair. The company lineup this year was varied with advertising and social media giants like Droga5 and Facebook joining the list. Some companies even held portfolio review workshops, which gave students perspective on their work.

“I went to the career fair thinking I’ll show some pieces, have a conversation with recruiters, since I didn’t feel ready, but I ended up leaving feeling way more confident about my pitching abilities and communication skills with employers than I ever thought I would,” said Lilly Mittenthal, a fourth-year advertising student.

Both for hiring companies and job-seeking students, the career fair provided a taste of what is expected in the industry and different interests. More than a 150 employers and students from both the Savannah and Atlanta campuses came out to make the most of this opportunity.