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Fly by Leila Scott


I wait for you to pick up the phone

But I get that beep

Leave your message after the

All I want to do is scream

I wait for you at the airport

To greet me, to meet me

To wrap my arms around your full figure

And you saying te amo

But you never show

I wait to see your face

Behind the horses, behind the stables

And that you’ll come ride with me

But they remain

The roosters cry

All I want to do is fly

To where you are now


Living to Survive

Fly me out of this world

Release me from this body

Set me free

Don’t leave me be

Your roses are telling me

I told you so

Let those petals fall

Onto this fallen ground

God knows its already started to crumble, to fall

Strip me

Make me someone new


Rest in Paz

The seasons they go

I watch you disappear

Our memories become unclear

I watch the river flow

I hear you in my dreams

You’re still calling out to me

Every February 9th

I stay up all night

Waiting for the coast to clear

I look for your reflection

In these pretty things you left me

But none of them compare

To your smile that was brighter

Your laughter that was finer

This life is too unfair

I search for you in the light

But I can’t make it through this fight

Of missing someone who is no longer here



Butterflies reign

Colors that mock my insecurities

Change that makes me fear

They dance with the wind

Your boundaries untrimmed

no time on hand

your destination unplanned

Live life too free

Pacing on flowers

Hour by hour

I’m in too deep

But you’re too hard to keep

You go as you please

No one can make you see

The beauty in staying the same

With one broken wing

You can no longer sing

To the days routine

This is your ultimate defeat

Once you are unable

You become grateful

Of the freedom you once had


Come up for Air

Shut me down

Turn me on

There’s no right

In this wrong

There is no thrill

In being unfulfilled

Love me, hate me, let me live again

This emptiness

It screams

Too loud for one mind to hear

I want to walk with the moon

Fly with the clouds

But I’m still buried

Under the concrete ground

Of my mind

Of this heart

The one that aches

To shine like the stars


Cut Their Wings

Will this river

Lead me to answers

The ones I crave

Are these stars

Showing me light

Within the darkness

Is this bubble gum pink

Disguising the one I want to be

Are you words

Coming from your heart

Do I dare trust again

Just to fall apart

Is the sun similing

As I wake up with you

Am I meant to restrain my wings

Can I fly somewhere

That will keep

My heart safe from the world

From the ones who dare to steal

Pieces of me

They walk with you