Students filled SCADpad on Friday afternoon to engage in the various fun-filled activities of The Environmentally Concerned Organization’s (ECO) event, “Footprint: An Earth Day Fair.” ECO also collaborated with other SCAD clubs including the SCAD Vegan Club, Fountain, The Marksmen, SCAD Atlanta Radio and the Faculty Sustainability Council to make this event a success.

Photo by Josiah Persad.

Gabi Madrid, president of ECO and fourth-year sculpture student, said, “Footprint is a time for students to come gather together at SCADpad and learn about eco-friendly ways to live and sustainable alternatives. Some of today’s activities include tempera paintings, a poster contest by The Marksmen Club, refreshments from the Vegan Club and surveys by the Faculty Sustainability Council to get free art supplies and materials. It’s also a great opportunity for students to engage in conversations about environmental sustainability and how to make an impact by practicing better environmental choices.”

Third-year fashion design student and president of the SCAD Vegan Club, Hector Diaz added, “My club, The Vegan Club, collaborating with ECO is honestly a perfect combination — like peanut butter and jelly. We belong together as we are both constantly concerned about the environment. Whether our concerns are to do with dietary lifestyles or recycling, we are all still concerned about reducing waste and making sustainability a bigger thing. I believe that through working together, we can make Earth Day not just this one day, but every day.”