This segment, Camera/Phone, is dedicated to the dialogue surrounding the evolution, controversy, and significance of cell phones in relationship to photography. Lexi Matthews, a B.F.A photography student explains the accessibility her iPhone provided while being introduced to the photographic medium.

“Not only did Beyoncé’s dance party themed music video “7/11″ almost break the internet, it was shot entirely on an iPhone.The breakout hit from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “Tangerine,” a tale of transgender prostitutes in Hollywood was also shot completely on the Apple’s’ iPhone 5s, paired only with a $8 editing app. Apple has even taken their cell phone camera capabilities a step further, winning Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Their ad campaign, “Shot by iPhone,” has swarmed buildings, buses, and billboards across the world, highlighting modern masterpieces shot and edited entirely with iPhone and Apple technology. Being a young photojournalist, my whole portfolio so far has been shot and edited on my iPhone 5c. My iPhone provided me with an opportunity to practice my craft in a cheaper and more convenient manner. In my opinion, the days of expensive film and darkroom may be coming to an end and the days of endless opportunity are here. Too often I passed up opportunities because I thought I don’t have ‘everything together’. Now I do what makes me feel alive, regardless of how small it may seem to others.” -LM