As photographers, we feel obligated to improve a little each and every day. However, it’s natural to feel the need to relax as well. Many of us have jobs, school and other obligations that sap our energy and make it difficult for us to do extra research and practice.

When we aren’t in class, there are still simple ways of doing additional learning. In the past, photo blogs were a huge component of gaining more knowledge in our spare time, but now we have access to platforms such as YouTube,, and Masterclass. There are extensive tutorials, vlogs and in-depth discussions regarding photography, post-processing, file management and many more topics to help photographers to become more versed in the craft.

Here are five youtube channels that you might not already know of that create some amazing content:

2. Peter McKinnon
3. Jared Polin
4. Jessica Kobeissi
5. Tony and Chelsea Northrup

These channels helped me keep up with photo news, and my own personal growth as a photographer was impacted heavily by them. They’re definitely worth the watch if you want to gain some more insight but aren’t able to access physical or human resources such as a library or your professor.

Through SCAD Deals, students also have direct access to videos on Here you can view tutorials and training videos to help sharpen your skills and learn to be more efficient and productive with software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

To access this just click on the “Resources” tab on MySCAD and scroll down to where you see deals and discounts. Lynda will have its own link there.

For other services, you can pay to take a Masterclass. They recently released one taught by Annie Leibovitz herself. The Youtube channel PHLEARN, which I mentioned earlier, also has a website that offers many classes which you may purchase and use to practice in photoshop and get a better understanding of the tool.

Here’s a video from PHLEARN’s YouTube channel to give you an idea of what they have to offer. Be sure to check out the other resources that were mentioned in this article and leave if a comment if this helped you.