The Connector
The Connector

SCAD Atlanta’s drawing club The Marksmen is hosting a drawing throwdown on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. in the Magnolia room at Spring house.

“The Marksmen is a great club for meeting people from different majors, making new friends and gaining professional opportunities to showcase your work,” said Masha Zhdanova, a third-year sequential art major.

Students can participate in games and activities like “blind contour,” the 8 minute drawing challenge or enter a competitive face-to-face drawing contest.

“We’ve had a nice mix of collaborative events that bring people together and competetive events that challenge us to be better,” said Ryan Imm, a third-year animation student and president of the Marksmen. “We’re hoping that this Drawing Throwdown event this weekend is able to showcase both of these aspects that our club has been promoting. We hope to see everyone there.”

This event is in collaboration with residence life and will also offer snacks and prizes.

The event is sponsored by Binder, Chartpak and Faber Castell and is free and open to all students with a SCAD ID.